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At Bubzidoo we realise that sleep is a key to happy parents and healthy babies.

Wrapping or swaddling provides a vital association with sleep for newborn babies and even those up to nine months of age.

Bubzidoo is an Australian made and owned business which is bringing innovative new products to the baby goods market. Our aim is to equip parents with new options in baby wrapping to help you maintain an effective wrapping technique until your baby establishes their own strong sleep patterns.

Bubzidoo was designed out of my own frustrations.  Both of my boys loved to be wrapped for sleep but there seemed to be a lack of suitable practical wraps on the market for use in a pram and also for larger babies.

Both of our wraps were designed to make wrapping easier for both parents and babies and we are continually looking to grow our range of practical products for todays parents.

We are committed to providing you with outstanding products delivered with friendly personal customer service.

Please browse our website, visit our shop and for more info please contact Bubzidoo
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