Pram Wrap

While traditional baby wraps do a fine job in a cot, they fail to provide a workable solution when you and baby need to be mobile such as walking in the pram (stroller).

Just imagine if you had a wrap that could give baby consistent sleep signals no matter where they are - cot or pram? That's what Bubzidoo can do!

This special wrap is designed to fit baby snugly and easily wrapping only babies arms. In a pram lay the Bubzidoo in first, then place your baby, belt or buckle up and then wrap baby when its time for sleep. That's right, the Bubzidoo wraps right around and over the belts or buckles so baby is safe and soundly asleep. The Bubzidoo comes in four sizes, small ( premature babies), medium (0-3 months), large (see sizing below) and now extra large (see sizing below) and in 5 bright colours as shown below. See sizing chart below for measurements.

Using your Bubzidoo in the Cot
When using the Bubzidoo in the cot, use the "Reverse Wrap" method demonstrated below to ensure the wrap is anchored on babies torso.


The benefits of wrapping a baby to sleep include:

  • Stop the startle reflex
  • Help settle babies with colic or reflux
  • Babies often sleep longer when wrapped
  • Can be a part of your sleep routine
  • Can help babies establish a more settled sleep pattern

As well as all of the above benefits the Bubzidoo's benefits include:

  • The wrap is reversable so you cannot put it in the pram the wrong way
  • The velcro may be easy for you to open but from the inside it is quite strong
  • The wrap cannot slip up and cover your babies face as it is held in place by the 5 point harness
  • Your babies hips and legs are free to move
  • The wrap is ideal for use in our warm climate
  • Much safer than wrapping your child and not using the harness in the pram
  • In my experience its the easiest wrap to use
  • If used in the cot there is no lifting the baby to wrap them
  • Able to change a nappy while still wrapped
  • Can feed while still wrapped
  • Suitable from birth to 12 months
  • Can be use by babies in splints
  • Baby can be wrapped with their hands near their face for self settling if needed


To ensure correct sizing please measure you baby around their torso with their arms at their side (or however you wish to place them) then use the chart below to work out what size would fit your baby. The Bubzidoo is suppose to fit baby snugly around their torso.

Small  Premmie  36cm  48cm
Medium  0-3 months   45cm  60cm
Large  3-6 months (approx.)  60cm  75cm
X-Large  6-9 months (approx.)  70cm  80cm


5 colours to choose fromClick to view more information

Bubzidoo Web 


How to wrap your baby
In the pram:

Bubzidoo Step 1

Step 1:

 Lay the wrap horizontally in the pram underneath the harness strap where your babies back would be. The wrap is reversible so don’t worry which side is facing up.


Bubzidoo Step 2

Step 2: 

Place your baby in the pram and buckle as usual


Bubzidoo Step 3

Step 3:

 When you want your baby to sleep, pull the two sides of the wrap firmly around your baby, meeting at the front where the Velcro strip can grip the white fabric


In the cot (Reverse Wrap) :

step1 baby on sheet arms under Wrapping behind back  

Step 1:

 Lay the wrap horizontally where you want your baby to lay.The wrap is reversible so don't worry which side is facing up.

Step 2:

Pull the wrap between babies arms and torso and then over the top of their arms to create a pocket for each arm.

Step 3:

Attach the Bubzidoo underneath your babies back ensuring babies arms are comfortably at their side.




Please browse our website, visit our shop and for more info please contact Bubzidoo
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